GMB Intro

  • GMB creates global magic brands;

    GMB was founded to serve individuals like politicians, stars or athletes, companies as brands or cities leaders who wish to improve the efficiency of their communications budget while increasing their EBITDA margin , strengthen the perception of their brand or grow into a global brand. GMB is a branding agency transforms your national brand into a global one.

    Our Brand Creation Processes

    • Brand Positioning;

      For brand positioning, we use qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic research methods to analyze competitors, markets and target audiences. We possess the dynamic knowledge required to distinguish and define every aspect attached to a brand – its spirit, image, tone of voice, name, logo, colors, identity, products, technology, employees and locations. And most importantly, we have expert knowledge in B2B and B2C marketing, understanding the ultimate consumer experience and determining brand target markets. We answer the question of “where and how does a brand take position in the market?” Because we accept having the positioning statement as the first and the most important rule of branding.

    • Brand Strategy;

      We determine the Brand Strategy by defining your brand’s spirit, perception, position and the features which identify and make people believe your brand. Because we believe that even your business is doing very well; being a strong brand worth it.

    • Marketing Strategy;

      We determine the Marketing Strategy by recognizing product features and target audience and by determining the needs of the market, competitive advantages and differentiation points to create a strong emotional connection between people and a brand. We believe that marketing is not only comprised of advertising and sales but is also an engineering process that adds value to the brand, whereby sales and profit increase simultaneously.

    • Communication Strategy;

      We determine the Communication Strategy by selecting, guiding and managing all that is involved in Advertising, PR, Media Planning & Buying, Online Marketing and Sponsorship and Event Organizations. We handle the various implementations of the communication strategy, such as Reputation Management, Crisis Management and Customer Relationship Management, and verify their relevance to the Positioning Statement, Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy. Further, we ensure efficiency of the executions in terms of price and quality, as we believe that communication should not only be creative but also be a measurable tool used to engage the target audience with the brand, we do not provide execution services.

    What are our goals?

    Short Term;

    Our goal in the short term is to provide our customers with greater sustainability and profitability of sales and high EBITDA by generating strong brand value and brand loyalty.

    Medium Term;

    In the medium term, our goal is to ensure that our customers have a brand value that makes the “intangible assets” higher than the “tangible assets” on their balance sheets.

    Long Term;

    And lastly, our long term goal is to create a global brand from any national brand even if it is person, national company or city.

    The work that we do is alternatively referred to as “Integrated Brand Management” (IBM), Brand Consultancy, “Brand Management” (BM), we prefer “Brand Architecture”. In creating brand architecture we engage in the work of “Brand Consultancy”, and we refer to the brands we work on as “Global Magic Brands “. For more information about us you can download our Presentation

    Differentiated from our competitors in that we facilitate greater efficiency to ensure budget optimization, our customers can become a global brand without making any additional investments, by using the savings acquired from their budget. How, let us contact with you.How ? Let us contact with you.

    GMB Magic Team

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