Chairman’s Message

Our job is creating the brand, positioning it, determining strategies, enhancing awareness, managing brand reputation, perception and communication, and eventually making it a global one by increasing brand value.

Terms we used during all these processes, in another words our terminology are the best tools to define our job. Considering that the terms we put to use on a daily basis while doing our job offer an outstanding insight into ourselves, I want to share the secrets behind words that breathe life into a brand in this introduction article;


Perception value of a product or service.

  • From the customer’s point of view on “value”, brand is a cognitive value determined by the customer that is added on top of the product or service value (Keller, 1998).
  • From the shareholder’s point of view on “value”, brand is the source of current and future acquisitions of the company (Hill and Lederer, 2001).

Global brand;

Brands that make it to “the world’s most valuable brands list” released by brand valuation companies on an annual basis. The owner of a global brand enjoys the chance to market products and services at a well-deserved price and while selling his/her shares in the company, can sell with the brand value which is higher than tangible value of the company.

Brand value;

Brand value is an abstract intangible asset. It is perception value of the brand. Brand value is calculated by measuring and monitoring; competitive advantages, the difference (Differentiation ) , to attract the attention of large masses (Relevance ), reputation , quality, popularity ( Esteem ) and knowledge ( Awareness).

Brand consulting;

Brand consultancy is a job of researching and determining; brand identity, brand value, brand performance and brand analysis for products or services provided by our clients and giving strategic suggestions for better brand management and brand value generation.


Person or firm, which provides branding consultancy. Brand consultant creates loved and strong brands by using communication budget wisely and efficiently.


Starting with product, continuing with price determination and advertisement, coming to an end with sales and after sales but yet in reality it never ends and contains everything makes a brand itself.


It is the process of increasing brand value that makes the “intangible assets” higher than the “tangible assets” on their balance sheets. The task is improving sustainable efficient sales, brand awareness and brand loyalty.


Also called positioning statement. The target audience of the brand is analyzed in great detail and the customer’s perspective on brand, the pros and cons are determined. The data required for positioning is achieved through qualitative and quantitative researches.

Brand strategy;

According to positioning statement; identifying brand pyramid, the motto of the brand, its essence and brand pillars sits on and the creation of implementation strategies.

Marketing strategy;

According to brand strategy, it is the job of determination of sales and communication strategies that ensure the most successful way to meet the product or service and its target audience. The main target of marketing strategies; is to create highly profitable Loved Brand. Marketing strategy cannot be established without data as marketing is a science and mostly mathematical.

Sales strategy;

According to marketing strategy, it is the job of determining strategies about pricing, discounts, promotions, co-marketing, logistics, and point of sales to ensure sustainable profitable sales.

Communication strategy;

It is a plan created to ensure that the brand communication budget is being spent in the most efficient manner. Strategy has outcomes such as which medium should be used to reach target audience, the tone, language and intensity of messages should be at what level. Communication strategy also includes creative briefs of execution companies like creative agencies, media planning and buying agencies, PR, sponsorship activity firms.


Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards are channels which called mass media. Every device with a screen, mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. online and offline tools can be also a medium. All these channels allow us to deliver right and creative message to target audience directly and they are all paid.


It is the job of delivering messages defined by strategies to target audience with striking and creative campaigns. The campaign attracts the attention of target audience and it turns into awareness and sales of the product or service.


It uses messages defined by the strategy to create positive public opinion about the brand, leads perception management. It works for brand to take its deserved place in media coverage, become communication ambassador between the brand and media members. With good PR management, events and activities also turn into admired shows.


According to strategies, it is the job doing sponsorships that coinciding appreciation and feelings of the target audience. Two brands should be well-matched. For example; a product that has feminine brand spirit should not sponsor a masculine activity.


It is the identity, character, personality that reflects the spirit of the brand. Great corporate identity starts with right logotype.

Reputation management;

Good reputation management is possible with; being transparent, being accessible, to inform and to keep communication channels open. With reputation management public misconceptions and misleading biases about the brand are prevented.

Crises management;

It is the work done to inform public when crises take place such as accidents, defective products, infringements, and scandals. Risk management is the perception management carried out before crisis occurs, and it is more accurate.

Risk management;

It is the proactively determination of potential perception damages on brand which can be caused by actions in line with brand strategies and making the brand ready and strong against all these risks.

Perception management;

Perception is what people say after you leave the room. With a good perception management you are mentioned in a way you deserve then you can be a loved brand. To be is to be perceived.

Personal branding;

Branding projects are planned for the politicians, artists, athletes or business people. The main target is improving person’s awareness and to ensure it is a loved brand. The main goal might be getting votes for politicians, selling tickets for artists, sponsors for athletes, but the main aim should be to raise the personal brand value. With personal branding, person’s body language, communication, fashion style, manner and perception are managed.

Brand city, destination branding;

For a country, city, district or region it is the job of increasing awareness and providing more visitors and investors to come by.

CBO (Chief Branding Officer);

A senior official is reporting to CEO, responsible for effective brand management, brand protection and increasing value of the brand.

It takes determination and patience to succeed in business life that also comes with tiredness. Just like the life itself. As I say; “be a global brand, I bet will worth it” and we are here to serve you.

Kind regards,
Ömer Şengüler
President, GMB