“Our goal is; Creating a brand which will rank among the world's top 500.”



  • Bilgi University, MA EU Law, Turkey – 2004
  • Harvard Business School OPM31/Executive MBA, USA – 2002
  • MIT Sloan School of Management /Asp, USA – 2000
  • Marmara University, MA Social Sciences, Turkey – 1991
  • Istanbul University, MA Business Administration, Turkey – 1990
  • M.Bin Saud University, BA Social Sciences, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 1985


As the founder of Global Magic Brands, Ömer Şengüler advises on brand perception management, how to become a global brand, sales, marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), EBITDA management, crisis management and brand valuation, placement and concept creation. Şengüler founded PANEL Advertising Agency (1986), MAGIC Outdoor (1994) and MARS Production (1994) and sold his companies successfully to Clear Channel US.

He has been a brand and communications specialist for 25 years, advising national and global companies such as Nokia, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Bridgestone, Citroen, Ülker, İstikbal, Istanbul 2010 AKB Agency, Golden Lady, İBB (Istanbul Municipality), Turkish Airlines, Turkish State Railways, LC Waikiki, and Galatasaray Sports Club on brand architecture, marketing strategy, communications services and giving lectures and seminars in various organizations and universities. He is fluent in Turkish, English and Arabic.


  • Managed the first phase, which consisted of brand placement, of the product launch for Istanbul Municipality owned Ulaşım A.Ş. local tram production. (2013)
  • Managed the re-branding and corporate identity project for the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, creating a “3D concept, 3D institution” theme. (2013)
  • Managed LCWaikiki’s project on re-positioning, communications directorship re-organization, global branding and improving advertising budget efficiency. (2012)
  • Managed the communications budget efficiency project of the ECC 2010 Istanbul Agency. (2011)
  • Proposed and managed the non-mass media activities of Nokia for building brand awareness in Turkey. Introduced the pioneering concept of using Turkish Airlines boarding tickets and lunch boxes as Nokia brand awareness space. (1998)
  • Serving as consortium leader, he managed the Istanbul Olympic Games 04’ campaign with the Japanese Hakuhodo Advertising Agency and the Edelman PR Agency. (1996)
  • Introduced the “One Way Vision” glass advertising concept for the Milliyet Newspaper’s re-branding venture, for which he was awarded the 3M Recognition Award. (1996)
  • In Turkey, Magic Outdoor pioneered the concept of using modern bus stops to feature billboard advertisements. He thereby heralded a new dawn in the world of outdoor billboard media planning in the country. (1994)
  • Magic Outdoor initiated the concept of using public transport vehicles and company fleets as advertising space and engineered the legal framework for this practice. (1994)
  • Orchestrated the entry of AFK Bank into the foray of high-street banking and organized a savings campaign aimed exclusively at the Turkish diaspora in Europe. (1992)
  • Managed the re-branding project of İstikbal, a home furniture company, and helped develop the “Bellona” brand. (1992)
  • Managed the brand re-positioning project of Ülker confectionary company’s Lüks Gofret product. It involved changing the entire marketing strategy, including re-designing the packaging, all of which resulted in increased demand and sales. (1987)


  • TTG Turkish Promotion Agency Board Member, Ministry of Economy, 2017
  • DEİK Middle Eastern and Gulf Business Councils member, Bahrain Vice President, Qatar Board Member, Saudi Arabia Board Member, Turkey, 2015
  • DEİK Member, Turkey, 2015
  • KORUNCUK Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, Board of Trustees Member, Turkey, 2014
  • OAAA The Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc. Member, USA, 2010
  • TUSIAD Turkish Industry and Business Association Agriculture and Food Committee Member, Turkey, 2004-2006
  • SETBİR Union of Dairy, Beef, Food Industrialists and Producers of Turkey Board Member, Turkey, 2004-2009
  • RV Advertisers Foundation Founding Member, Turkey, 1998
  • TASEAD Association for Research and Coordination of the Promotion Sector Board Member, Turkey, 1996-2000
  • FEPE The Federation European Publicite Exterieur Member, France, 1995
  • IAA International Advertising Association, Member, Turkey 1994
  • MÜSİAD Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association Founding Member, Turkey, 1990-1996

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