Established as a socks manufacturer in Istanbul in 1953, Gönültaş Çorap restructured itself in 2004 and began to manufacture high quality socks and seam-free underwear with advanced technology. Appealing to each and every segment of society with its regularly renewed collections, the company contacted us in an effort to increase market share, competitiveness and brand value. GMB has provided strategic consultancy to reinforce brand perception, improve brand positioning and identify the target market.


The qualitative stage of our research began with a Turkey-based competitor and segmentation analysis. The findings helped us to ensure positioning and supported the creation of a brand identity for each sub-brand. After identifying the target markets for the brand and conducting a marketing activity for each, we create a new identity and logo to effectively represent the brand and products. We started using CRM and CLM services in the most effective manner possible to offer solutions for complications between the brand and sales channels. We employed experimental marketing instruments to ensure that customers were given the best experience in stores and to enable perfect positioning of the products within the stores. We provided consultancy about renovation of the interior design.


The brand has recently concluded the communication planning for customer relations and strategy implementation. In line with the B2B and B2C sales and marketing strategy plan that we developed, the brand has successfully put a new loyalty system into practice with customers and sales channels. We determined which specific brand to be put on the market for which category, and we recreated the logos for each brand. Gönültaş will now gain a strong place in the market under the brand of SERFİNO.

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