HAS DBN Real Estate Investment Company which was one of the important actors in real estate market of Turkey, while HAS DBN was developing major projects in Ankara, wanted to be a strong player also in Istanbul. The company that has achieved great success through “Atiye Residence”, its first investment in Istanbul, has decided to work with Global Magic Brands in order to continue this success with an umbrella brand. As GMB, with our BrandUP service pack, we have provided strategic consultancy services such as positioning of main and sub brands, defining target audiences, creating new brand name, brand architecture and brand perception.

The research process was designed by using ethnographic methods, the objectives were segmentation of target audiences and competitors, qualitative analysis, and strategic action plan. To name the new brand, nominal alternatives were presented with the help of conceptual association methods. In the research results, it was clear that the target audience would prefer a Turkish brand name as a more trustable and popular option. With new brand spirit, identity and perception, BANI was chosen as new main brand name which means “a sponsor or financier” in Turkish language. The brand architecture of HAS DBN and BANI, was built carefully in order to accurately construct the brand perception. The essence, personality, image, physical characteristics and relationship styles of the brand were determined. Competitive areas, indirect and direct competitive advantages of the projects were identified and foregrounded. The characteristics of the projects were defined to differentiate them from their competitors and brand strategy was created. The logo, color, images were designed by the help of the data emerging from research results.

HAS DBN has built sub brands for its projects in Istanbul and has had a strong main brand name with BANI. With the brand and marketing strategies we have set, HAS DBN has taken a big step towards becoming an important player in Istanbul.