The Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project (ISMEP) and the unit in charge of project execution, the Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU), were not very well known and were engaged in only limited communication activities, despite their successful management, devoted team and the major investments to protect Istanbul a potential earthquake disaster. To help the IPCU achieve a sustainable structure and establish more effective communication with professionals, stakeholders and the residents of Istanbul for whom the project was serving, it was decided to develop positioning and communication strategy. Global Magic Brands begin to work for IPCU in structuring B2B and B2C brands, in positioning the target audiences and in creating an action plan for communication with the target audiences.


We began with a detailed ethnographic research, where we made use of participatory qualitative methods and then performed an analysis on institutional perception and the sense of belonging for IPCU professionals.
We developed strategies to enable the IPCU to establish a well-functioning communication channel with its own professionals and to create awareness of institutional representation. A fundamental B2B communication plan was drawn up in an attempt to help the IPCU ensure more dynamic and efficient communication with stakeholders. Finally, we identified what needed to be done to raise the awareness of Istanbul residents and to create and manage a true perception about the IPCU. Global Magic Brands acted as an active coordinator on behalf of the IPCU in the pitching process, the execution of action plans and the briefing to the Creative Agency, Media Agency and PR firms which provide services according to defined strategies.


IPCU continues to work in cooperation with strong stakeholders to reinforce and rebuild more than 1000 schools, hospitals and historical buildings; GMB is supporting IPCU with its effective and global expertise on the communication strategy and brand management.

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