Meteksan Defense Industries, Inc., a major defense company, was interested in placing a product on the retail market for the first time while executing successful projects in cooperation with the Turkish Armed Forces. Meteksan did not have any experience in retail and began to work with Global Magic Brands to identify how to position and develop the main brand itself and sub-brands as well. As GMB, we gave Meteksan strategic consultancy services on brand positioning, identifying the target market, reinforcing the brand perception and launching new products in this new business.


The process was designed as positioning the target market, carrying out a qualitative analysis, and identifying names and actions using ethnographic methods. For the naming of the product and new brand, we employed symbolic association methods. The brand architecture of the new product was meticulously built to ensure a perfect design for the perception of Meteksan sub-brands. We identified the essence, identity, character, image, physical features and relation style of the brands. We simulated consumer experiences and structured a holistic communication strategy. We also identified the competitiveness of the product in the market as well as direct and indirect competitive advantages. Using marketing and sales strategies, product features were defined to distinguish it from its competitors, and we drew them parallel to the outcomes of the Brand House Model. The logo, launching and promotional materials were all designed by the customer in accordance with the action plan that we develop.


With the sales and marketing strategies that we defined, Meteksan Defense created sub-brands for RETINAR retail products and took a major step towards growing into one of the top actors in the industry.

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