Control 4/Super Car Lites, Turkey’s very first domestic Rallycross race cars, are manufactured by Avitaş Motorsports in Pendik, Istanbul. The manufacturing company would desire to become part of the FIA-certified Rallycross RX world championship. The cars raced successfully in the American GRC Rallycross championship in 2013 but the top event for that year was the Rallycross RX world championship controlled by IMG. A project was on the way to conduct branding and perception management of these Turkish race cars that had taken part in championships under various names.


To begin, we held in-depth interviews with leading figures of the industry from Turkey and the world, defined the positioning of the brand and conducted a SWOT analysis. Next, we concluded our work on creating a brand identity and brand tree and developed strategies for RXLITES Logotype, corporate identity, promotional video and website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook applications. We ensured that these applications put into practice and they were parallel with the strategies. We make these marketing tools come out, including the launching of an RXLites promotional video, sponsorship file and film, we unite the championship with potential sponsors.


RXLites grew into a well-known, recognized brand across the Rallycross world.

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