Turkey’s most visited and followed online sports platform SPORX in its 15th year, would liked to carry forward its success with a strong brand investment and to maintain its leadership in the field. With Global Magic Brands BrandUP service pack; SPORX aimed to strengthen its brand, increase its awareness, raise visit & App download numbers, and create more profitable income. As GMB, we gave SPORX strategic consultancy services to construct a sustainable organizational structure and communicate with employees, followers and advertisers more effectively with new branding, marketing, sales and communication strategies.

Global Magic Brands started working for SPORX with building B2B and B2C brands, positioning target audiences and preparing marketing action plans of these target audiences individually. The work began with a comprehensive ethnographic research; participatory qualitative methods were used to analyze employees’ perceptions and sense of belonging. In-depth interviews were held with important professionals and competitors in the sector. Competition area was determined and competitors were analyzed. The essence, identity, personality, image, physical characteristics and relationship styles of the brand were determined and a target audience empathy map was created. The brand house was prepared in the direction of the research results, the features were defined that would help SPORX to differentiate itself from its competitors. Brand strategy was devised with COBI analysis. Advertising and communication strategies were created for digital and traditional media.

SPORX Turkey’s leading digital sports content producer and online sports platform strengthened in the path of becoming a global brand, began to understand existing B2B and B2C customers better and communicate inclusively, became a powerful employer brand and started using big data more effectively as a communication tool. With the new brand and marketing strategy, SPORX continues to manage its brand in an efficient way and international standard with the support of GMB expertise.

Web Page: www.sporx.com