Turkish Airlines’ share of intercontinental transit passengers in total passenger volume has been rapidly increasing, and Turkish Airlines has grown considerably on a global scale. However, during this time of growth, the advertising activities of the Turkish Airlines had been still being run by local creative agencies.


GMB had opinion that Turkish Airlines needed to cooperate with a global creative agency in order to build brand and marketing strategies based on current passenger profiles.
We examined the sales, marketing data and financial statements from the past three years. We conducted an analysis on transit passenger traffic across Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. After evaluating the findings of our qualitative and quantitative research, we created a briefing covering in-depth definition of the target market, positioning statement, Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Communication Strategy. We presented these outcomes to Turkish Airlines’ short list of global agencies that attended the pitch.

Within the framework of the pitch consultancy that we provided, we introduced Presentation Criteria, Agency Criteria, and Pitch Scoring Management Criteria. On behalf of Turkish Airlines, we led the entire negotiation process with the agency that had been finally agreed upon.

We advised the agency to take notice of cultural differences and trends across Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, and made sure that they deployed active teams and launched offices across 4 continents.


Turkish Airlines adopted the slogan of “Widen your World” thanks to the new creative agency and went on to reshape its message in a manner more relevant to international transit passenger transport. By cooperating with a global creative agency which interact with various cultures and analysis them with its own teams, Turkish Airlines are able to advance into a Leading Global Brand now.

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