ImageUP service pack is for;

  • Individuals or institutions with a bad image or undeserving damaged reputation, and therefore in need of image, reputation and crisis management.
  • Politicians want to get elected as a Member of Parliament, Mayor or any authority, artists and athletes who want to be bigger stars, or businesspersons wishing to climb the social ladder.
  • Public leaders aiming to turn the perception of a country, city or an institution into a positive one.


  • 1. SWOT Analysis

    To begin, we define strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and make a positioning analysis.

  • 2. Action Plan

    We outline short, medium and long term checklists and action plans and facilitate their execution.

  • 3. Execution:

    We decide which tools will be used, such as Public Relations, Media Relations, Lobbying, Web and Social Media or Advertising, and begin to use of all essential communication instruments. We provide assistance in brand registration if the need arises.

    The visual image of our individual customers is of great importance for us in terms of perception management. That is why we become an “Image Makers” as well, ensuring that our customers get trainings about media communication, fashion, style, elocution and etiquettes. We also provide services in reputation and crisis management.

  • 4. Sponsorship:

    We serve as an agent for the brands, celebrities and cities that we provide services for, contacting with potential sponsors and acting as their global agency.

  • 5. Private Equity:

    The primary objective of a PE fund that has shares of a company for a limited period of time is to make sure that the company utilizes its management skills and the capital generated from its book and brand values to improve its level of performance after a partnership has been dissolved. Our mission is to increase the brand value of a company throughout the partnership.