As one of the prioritized investments of the 2023 vision of Turkey, High Speed Trains necessitated major radical and major changes for TSR (Turkish State Railways), which up to that point had maintained conventional sales channels and administration structuring. The Turkish State Railways was interested in identifying sales, marketing and communication strategies and making sure that these strategies were compatible with the new technological investment agenda. Global Magic Brand develop an effective, solution-oriented road map for the Turkish State Railways to identify the target market and to manage non-agency and agency sales.


We divided the work into 3 main parts, starting with the development of a sales strategy in order of priorities. We separated agency and non-agency sales elements from one other, and then conducted an analysis on agency structuring, modeling on successful examples from across Turkey and the world. We determined example agency types from the analysis were categorized on the basis of target market, physical features and penetration capabilities.
Global Magic Brands also designed visual identities of new agency types, communication platforms, and methods of integration with the TSR online ticket sale system. This was followed by a review of the legal procedures and a drawing up of ideal agency agreements. At a later stage, we modeled TSR’s perception management, brand structuring, co-marketing projects with partners and a pricing system and then went on to develop marketing strategies for each service. In the long term, we aimed for the Turkish State Railways to build practical platforms to convey messages to all target groups, make a sustainable budget, increase occupancy rates and introduce profitable sales campaigns and communication strategies.


The Turkish State Railways is now equipped with a unique and dynamic sales, marketing and communication setup that fitting with its advanced technology and world-class infrastructure investments. A team of experts established a holistic, effective strategy for agency and non-agency sales. Global Magic Brands continues to cooperate with the Turkish State Railways in the execution of marketing and communication strategies.

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